Æblestjerne (Apple-star) - is an artistic treasure-hunt that unfolds within the school. A curious horse-man is in quest of a mystical apple, hidden by a friendly witch. A sensory stimulating and active performance about learning and knowledge.

The students travel through various spaces in their school that have been transformed into pockets of immersive instillations representing different aspect of knowledge.


For 1st to 3rd graders.


Hidden behind the well-known class-rooms and in between the familiar corridors, a crack into a parallel world, a poetic reality unfolds…

Chosen spaces and rooms in the school are transformed through visuals, text, sound and media: A cozy witch den up in the attic, a vintage laboratory full of old glass bubbles and liquids is hidden in the basement, and in the library, a tunnel of books to crawl into and hide together, to mention a few.


Æblestjerne is full of poetic landscapes, whimsical texts and concrete action that inspire questions about knowledge and offers an intense sensory experience with images, words, history, numbers, space and matter.


Practical information:

Æblestjerne is experienced by groups of 7-10 students at a time. The duration is 40- 45 minutes from the moment they leave class until their return. Once they return a new group is collected. A class of between 21-28 students can take about 1.5-2 hours.


We arrive at the school and spend about 2-3 days building, then 5-6 days performing (depending on the number of students) and a day to pack up.


For more information please contact us at info@aeblestjerne.dk



- en eventyrlig forestilling, der udfolder sig på skolen, som en skattejagt efter kundskab.